Foodie Con 2016



I had the chance to attend something perfect for people who love food as much as I do - Foodie Con!  I had won a few tickets through @foodiejudge and @duckin.donuts so I invited @missmisschelle/@notsomisschealthy and @comfycitychic to attend this along with me.  It was located at The Reef, which was a beautiful and spacious venue in Los Angeles, CA.

Our tickets were for VIP admission, which meant that we could enter the event an hour before opening time to enjoy breakfast.  We had pastries from Porto's Bakery, coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, mimosas, juice, lemonade from Hubert's Lemonade, and fig bars from Nature's Bakery.  It was a fun hour before the event officially began.

Foodie Con was similar to a few Yelp Elite Events I have attended, in which the events were showcasing local businesses and brands.  We started out taking a few fun pictures at the photo booths, and then we visited the different aisles to learn about each of the businesses.  Most of the businesses were giving samples of their products, and many were selling the products and/or were giving the option to sign up for their mailing lists for more information about their companies.  I enjoyed the exposure to businesses I was not familiar with, such as Banzai Jerky, Milk and Eggs, and Sugar and Spyked, as well as revisiting some the businesses I already supported, such as Honest Tea, Califia Farms, and Lagunitas.


On top of visiting each of the booths, we watched a food demo from @limeandcilantro.  We had met him and his friend during the breakfast hour before the event started, and I love all of their posts about cooking!  They invited me onstage to teach me how to make noodles from the dough they had prepared.  After cooking the noodles, we mixed the noodles with some garlic oil and fried shallots, and it was delicious!  It was so inspiring to meet both of them and to see their passion for cooking and photography!

I think I got a good variety of items from all of the different businesses.  Thank you to those who gave away the tickets to us, and thank you Foodie Con for showcasing everyone in this beautiful venue.  I know this convention can only grow from here; I look forward to coming back again!