Los Angeles County Fair 2016


Last weekend, I went to the L.A. County Fair at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA.  I was very impressed with our visit this year!  To be honest, we did not get any fair food, ride on the carnival rides, or play carnival games.  While we did not do things people usually do at a fair, we got to see so many other unique attractions.

Most of the attractions we saw were for family and kids, including an indoor ice skating rink, displays of artwork by kids and themed games (such as Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, and Alice in Wonderland), outdoor acrobatics/circus, and animals, including wildlife, creepy crawlies, and a petting zoo.  Some other interesting things we saw included a live band that drove throughout the fairgrounds, the Watercolors Exhibit, and the free nightclub, Grinding Gears.

Here are a few of my highlights from that night:

The first highlight was the animals!  All of the wildlife and farm animals we saw were incredible to see in person!  Everyone stood in line to feed Stanley the Giraffe and he never seemed to get enough of all the attention and food!  I enjoyed seeing all the different farm animals and being able to pet some of them at the petting zoo.  We always look forward to stopping by the petting zoo each time we come to the fair.

My second highlight is The Watercolors Exhibit.  It was so beautiful and breathtaking.  This entire pavilion was transformed into a display of flowers.  The combination of flowers, artwork, and lighting made this a place worth stopping by and smelling the roses, so to speak.

The final highlight of the night was and always has been practicing my night photography.  The ferris wheel is my favorite thing to focus on as well as the Grinding Gears Nightclub.  I was probably the only person in the room not dancing, but it was fun to capture the moments where other people are enjoying themselves.

I hope you can get to visit the L.A. County Fair.  I go each year and there seems to be something interesting and different each time.  Have fun!