October 2017 Recap!

1) Pasta Sisters (Los Angeles, CA) - Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed invited us to be part of a 3-week long celebration to help kick off Season 3 of Buzzfeed's hit show, "Worth It"!  They sent me a list of four restaurants to pick from for a meal and I chose Pasta Sisters!  From our visit, we ordered the Tagliatelle with Pesto and Tagliatelle Arrabiata.  Let’s just say that Pasta Sisters’ pasta never disappoints no matter what we order!  We finished our meal with Tiramisu, which was so fluffy, moist and perfect!


2) Sweetea Cafe (Costa Mesa, CA) - @moeisallover

We were invited to check out this cafe for some fun drinks.  The cafe itself was very quaint, with plenty of spots to take cute photos.  We got some french fries and plenty of drinks, including my favorite, the Organic Flower Tea Lemonade with Heart Jelly.  I loved that they were selling mugs with cartoon faces on them, so I will be back to buy those next time!


3) Poke Ria Sushi & Ceviche (Santa Ana, CA)

This was my first time visiting this establishment, even though I had seen their poke tacos pictures for a while.  We ordered the Tres Poke Tacos and the Crunchy Bowl.  Everything was very crunchy and delicious.  The fish and ingredients used in the poke tacos were very fresh, and the crunchy bowl was awesome since it had shrimp tempura.


4) Nguyen’s Kitchen (Orange, CA) - @davidthefoodie

I loved visiting Nguyen’s Kitchen back in June and I was invited back again to help promote the fact that Nguyen's Kitchen extended their hours until 2:30 a.m. at both the Costa Mesa and Orange locations, perfect for late night snacking!  During this visit, we got the Bulgogi Short Rib Steak Sandwich, NK Slider Burgers, Crawfish Pasta, and of course, Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


5) Ike’s Love and Sandwiches (Tustin, CA) - @eatersanonymous @tpham

I tried Ike’s Love and Sandwiches for my first time a few months ago and was happy to be invited as media since I was already a big fan of the sandwiches.  From our visit, we chose from the few sandwiches they recommended to us, the Matt Cain and the Sometimes I'm a Vegetarian.  I loved the sandwiches and chips we got to try and this visit further affirmed my love for their sandwiches!


6) Killer Noodle (Los Angeles, CA)  - @ashyi

Tsujita opened a new location on Sawtelle in Los Angeles, called Killer Noodle, showcasing their take on Dan Dan Noodles.  I had always been a big fan of the restaurants and I was happy to be part of supporting the opening of a new restaurant.  We decided to take on the challenges of trying the spicy noodles.  We got the Tokyo Style and Downtown Style noodles and Spicy Levels 2 and 3.  The noodles were pretty spicy, but I was tempted to try the Level 6, which was the max; maybe that would be for another visit!


7) Sizzlin’ Steak (Glendale, CA) - @fusionads


We were invited to check out the delicious hot plate dishes I had been seeing on Instagram.  I would have never expected to eat hot plate food from a restaurant located inside a mall.  We got the Ribeye with Veggies and Garlic Rice, the Sizzlin' Salmon Pesto, and Creme Cheese Brownie A La Mode.  I loved the ribeye and garlic rice a lot and the dessert was very unique!


8) Tokyo Shabu Shabu (City of Industry, CA) - @capricorncow

Tokyo Shabu Shabu was celebrating 11 years!  I had been to the Monterey Park location many years ago and did not realize that so much time had passed!  We enjoyed a shabu shabu meal with other foodies, and the quality had not changed over the years.  It was a very fun experience trying out so many types of broths and enjoying all the kinds of appetizers they had to offer.


9) MIO Tea House (Garden Grove, CA) - @foodwithkevin

This Tea House was right next to The Joint Creamery, which I had visited in August.  Their menu was simple but had plenty of options for food and drink.  We got Jasmine Milk Tea, Matcha Affogato, Virgin Mojito, Pineada, Garlic Salt Fries, and a few items that were new on the menu: a two-colored drink and crepes with fruit and whipped cream.


10) Oyster Bar SKC (Anaheim, CA) - @eatersanonymous @tpham

It was great to visit the beautiful ARTIC to check out this restaurant, which was Southern/Cajun, one of my favorite kinds of food!  We ordered everything items like the Molasses Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Paradise Cove Oysters, Pan Roast, Cilantro Chicken and Sausage.  We liked the Copper Kettle, which was a cocktail in a kettle.  It was a great event and the lights at ARTIC were so gorgeous!


11) BOLO (Smorgasburg Los Angeles)

I was so excited to try BOLO and was happy to see they had a booth at Smorgasburg.  We got the Fried Chick’n Sando and the Ice Cream Sando with ube ice cream.  BOLO breads, similar to melonpan in Japan, were something I enjoyed eating during my childhood, and I enjoyed their take on BOLO buns in fun and delicious sandwiches.


12) Wanderlust Creamery (Smorgasburg Los Angeles)

We made a stop to Wanderlust to say hi to Valerie from @thefoodie.tographer’s Youtube video and to let her know about my video that I released as well (see below).  She had us try a few awesome flavors, and I ended up ordering four flavors: Fire + Blood, Ramune, Japanese Neapolitan, and Ube Malted Crunch.


13) Rice+Tea (El Monte, CA) - @west_pang

Rice+Tea had transformed from Ray Ray Restaurant, and the menu was completely new as well.  The food was still great.  We tried the Baked Dynamite Langostino, which was a crawfish dish, and Jasmine Milk Tea and Black Tea.  The menu was way more simpler compared to before but I was glad the food quality had not changed.

14) Pizza Supreme (West Covina, CA) - @whats.steve.eating

We got to check out a local pizza joint in West Covina.  Their food was pretty impressive.  We got Hot Chicken Wings, Pastrami Sandwich, Pizza Toast, and a Supreme Pizza.  I loved that they served beer here, and we enjoyed everything we had, especially the pizza!  The crust was thin, my favorite!


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