March 2017 Recap!

March was a fun month of tastings from a vast array of different types of food!  It marked my first time I got over 3,000 likes on a photo on Instagram,  which was on the Meatzza bun photo from Meathead!  I have recently been more focused on posting more recipes but I hope you enjoy my March recap.

1) Birthdae Cake (Fountain Valley, CA) - @paulsfoodhaul @nonstopeats

I was excited to try this new drink and dessert spot that opened in Fountain Valley, in the same plaza as Project Poke.  It was created by the same owners of Square Bar Cafe and Cookie Monster Ice Cream in San Diego County.  I loved the concept of being able to create anything you want.  From the different types of cones to all the different kinds of toppings, there options were endless!  The ice cream flavors we enjoyed were: Monster Inc., 50 Shades, Strawberry Sherbert and Milk Money.  I also got to try the split cup, which was a genius idea, since it allowed us to try a little bit of each drink!  I decided to focus on their specialty drinks: Iced Money, The New Yorker, Sangria Thai Walls, and Strawberry Refresher.


2) Burger City Grill (Downey, CA) - @localitela

Burger City Grill was promoting their St. Patrick’s Day specials, including the new item, The Yorker Burger, which was a burger piled with pastrami, red onions, Swiss cheese, and their signature B.C.G. spread on a brioche bun.  We also got to try some other fun menu items such as the Shroomer and the CPR Fries.  I loved the Shroomer because it was loaded with mushrooms and caramelized onions, and it paired so well with the blue cheese as suggested on the menu.  The CPR fries were very unique, especially with the cherry pepper relish and bacon!  We finished our meal with a nice and refreshing Strawberry Shake!


3) Nitrolado (Garden Grove, CA)

Nitrolado was celebrating their 1 year anniversary by promoting their Churro Pops, which were adorable churros shaped into lollipops.  The flavors they had were:1) Lime Glaze + Coconut + Pistachio; 2) Taro Glaze + Almonds + Fruity Pebbles; 3) Maple Bacon; and 4) Matcha Glaze + Crushed Kit Kat + Oreo.  They were so fun to eat and great for photographing.  We got to display the Churro Pops on top of ice cream.  During this visit, we got my go-to flavor, Oreo Cheesecake ice cream, and a new flavor I had not tried before, the Durian Avocado ice cream!  It was a fun experience to try so many different flavors in both the Churro Pops and the ice cream.


4) J’s Cuisine (Fullerton, CA) - @waltzinthestreet

J’s Cuisine recently opened in Fullerton and we got to try their awesome menu that was full of Korean comfort food.  I loved the J’s Chicken, the Kali Stuffed Burrito, the Bibimbap Burrito, J’s Super Fries, and J’s Mountain.  All of the food we had was so delicious.  The chicken wings were juicy, and the burritos were so unique, especially the Kali Stuffed Burrito since it had fries and bulgogi!  The last two were the perfect snack food; J’s Super Fries had bulgogi, cheese and egg; and J’s Mountain had onion rings and fries on top of chicken wings!  We even tried a peach and lychee soju the chef made for us.  The entire ambiance was perfect for hanging out and it was fun enjoying our snacks and our drinks into the night.


5) Seoul Garden Restaurant (Los Angeles, CA) - @speaqsocial

We had passed by Seoul Garden multiple times but never had the chance to visit.  I was very surprised they had a media event and I was very intrigued to learn about their menu.  Their menu was very vast and had a great variety of traditional Korean cuisine, such as hot pot, Korean bbq, bibimbap, soba (cold noodle), kimchi pancake, and congee (porridge).  I was so excited to try all of their food and this experience did not disappoint.  This restaurant put so much effort into the presentation and the quality of each dish.  Everything tasted fresh and delicious, and I was happy we were introduced to this restaurant!


6) Meathead (Los Angeles, CA) - @waltzinthestreet

This new burger spot opened in up in downtown LA and I was looking forward to checking out their fun menu!  I loved the ambiance of this place; it was like a stand where people could walk up and grab a quick bite, so I knew it would be perfect for people who worked nearby to go on their lunch break!  We got a BEEF! BEEF! Burger, Yakuza Burger, Macheezmo Sandwich, and Notorious P.I.G. Fries!   The burgers and sandwiches were all so delicious and each were unique in their own way.  On the BEEF! BEEF! Burger, I decided to change the bun to a Meatzza bun, which is a pizza bun instead of the regular bun!  The fries were my favorite part, because it included jalapeno cheese, bacon, and habanero salsa.


7) Dirt Dog (Los Angeles, CA)

This was located right by the USC campus and was a popular spot for beers and bites!  We got to sample a good amount of the menu, including The Patty Melt Dog, The Mutt Dog, and Dirty Corn.  I was very impressed with their quality!  I loved that the Patty Melt Dog came with cheddar fries and a delicious chipotle aioli spread.  The Mutt Dog was also full of flavor, and since it was a mix of two other items on their menu, it had tomato sauce, chipotle aioli, chimichurri sauce, and guacamole sauce.  So amazing!  For dessert, we got to try their Deep-Fried Twinkie, Deep Fried Oreos, and Horchata Ice Cream.  I absolutely loved the ice cream since was topped with horchata syrup and included rice krispies, churros and almonds!


Other March Collaborations:

Juice It Up! was promoting their new Cold Pressed Bottled Juice line and Powerhouse Communications sent me a Wellness Pack for me to try.  I previously noticed Juice It Up at the mall and just thought it was a smoothie shop, but I was happy to learn of this new and healthy concept.  Each bottle I tried served a different functional purpose, and were numbered based on Juice It Up’s recommended order of consumption for optimal effectiveness.  I tried each one and while I do not normally drink juices, I really enjoyed the green and orange ones!


I hope you enjoyed my March recap!  I am happy that Daylight Savings has begun again so that I can be more flexible in when I take my pictures!