The Flower Fields 2017

We visited The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch during its final weekend of 2017.  It was fun trying out the latest lens I had purchased to test my skills on landscape and nature photography.  Check out all the photos I took that day!


The blooms were very beautiful, although not as full as if we had gone in April, but beautiful nonetheless!  We checked out the main Flower Fields first.  We had the option to take a tractor ride, but I have always preferred exploring on foot at each section, on my own pace.


Aside from the main Flower Fields, we visited the Poinsettia Display, Sweet Pea Maze, Exotic Bird Cages, and The Artist Gardens and other themed gardens.  Sometimes they would have an orchid display in the greenhouse but during this visit, the greenhouse was closed.


There was plenty to see here and we spent a good two to three hours walking around admiring everything.  The only perk of coming during the final weekend was that admission was $7, which is half off the normal admission of $14.  However, next time, I would prefer to come earlier in the year when the flowers are in full bloom.  Regardless, it was a great visit, and we look forward to returning again in the coming years!