August 2017 Recap!

I can't believe I have been in the foodie game for a year now!  As always, I am thankful for the events I have been fortunate to be a part of and I can't believe how fast time has passed!  Check out my recap from last month's events!


1) Antonio’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant (Sherman Oaks, CA) - @blazeprteam

We stopped by to help celebrate and promote their 60-year milestone.  It was so impressive to hear they had been there for 60 years!  We sampled a little bit of everything, including the Spicy Margarita Pizza, Tortellini Pasta Bandierra, Garlic Fried Gnocchi, Meatballs and Peppers, Italian Salad, and Strawberry Basil Lemonade.  We truly enjoyed how fresh the ingredients werea and the work they put into making everything taste amazing!


2) Madera Kitchen (Los Angeles, CA) - @blazeprteam

We came to check out the dinner menu, since we had previously stopped by for their brunch.  On top of their happy hour, they had a great selection for dinner.  The patio was so beautiful, with plenty of spots to take pictures of our equally beautiful food.  We started off with two cocktails, the Lamborn & Parker, and the Penicillin, which photographed very well with the different table settings.  Then we ordered the Prosciutto Wrapped Watermelon, Belgian Endive Salad, Pan Seared Halibut, and Ribeye.  We were impressed with every item we ordered!  The staff completed our meal with some Churro Ice Cream.


3) Astro Doughnuts (Los Angeles, CA) - @dogandaduck

Astro Doughnuts was promoting their seasonal flavors: Cannoli, Summer Sweet Corn, Mint Cookies & Cream and Yuzu Toasted Coconut.  They were all so unique in their own way.  For example, the Cannoli was cream-filled and the Summer Sweet Corn was topped with Corn Nuts, while the donut had a sweet cream corn taste.  My favorite was the Mint Cookies & Cream!

We were invited to come a second time during their new open hours on Sundays.  We came to try their chicken wings and all day breakfasts on Sundays.  Their chicken wing flavors were Korean BBQ and Sriracha Buffalo Wings.  They were so flavorful and saucy!  We also got to try a variety of breakfast items: Fried Chicken Honey Sandwich, The Works Chicken Sandwich, and Doughnut French Toast.


4) Bardot Bars and Coffee (Tustin, CA)

I remember Bardot back when they had a location at Westfield Santa Anita in Arcadia, I had heard of their location near UC Irvine, both of which had unfortunately closed.  I was so happy to hear that they made a comeback here in Tustin.  On top of their previous ice cream bar and latte concepts, they served ice cream and Hong Kong waffles, as well as offered printed latte art using the Ripples App.  Check out my video below or click here:


5) The Wall (Orange, CA) - @topfoodnews

It had been a while since our last visit.  While we were unable to try out their Burger of the Month, we got to try other fun menu items, including the Beer Flight, Fritos Pie, Pamploma Sandwich, Fried Caprese Skewers, and my usual go-to item, the Elote Fries.  I enjoyed trying different beers this time around, such as the Blueberry Cream Ale, and I loved the new item I tried, the Fritos Pie!

6) The Joint Creamery (Garden Grove, CA) - @x3hoppie

We got to check out a new ice cream roll spot in Orange County.  I enjoyed the creativity in their menu, and the fact that their ice cream rolls were more creamy than other kinds I have tried, and that they did not melt that quickly.  I loved the decor in this store; the wall was full of fun sayings and quotes.  We tried the Pineapple Express and Galaxy ice cream roll, but I really wanted to try every single flavor!


7) Creativitea pop-up at Labobatory (San Gabriel, CA) - @eatswithanthony

I was so happy to hear that Anthony had created a drink concept that included organic loose leaf teas and fresh pressed juices from organic fruits.  The drinks were layered too, which were a plus; they came out very vibrant for photos!  We tried the Strawberry Blue Lemonade and Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade.  Labobatory also let us try some of their fun drinks, such as the The Labobatory and Purple Dream.


8) Drizzle - @tpham @eatersanonymous

We were invited to stop by a food truck that was selling funnel cake ice cream cones!  It was such an amazing concept and I loved the color theme on the truck.  We got the Matcha Madness Funnel Cake Cone, as well as their Strawberry Lemonade and Thai Tea Ice Cream Float.  It was a fun experience and I loved the fact that customers could choose the ice cream, fruits and other toppings on their cones!


9) Jamba Juice (Los Angeles, CA)

Jamba Juice wanted me to help promote the summer smoothies, including the Poolside Fit and the Watermelon Breeze.  We also tried other fun items from the menu, such as the Chili Mango Smoothie and the Island Pitaya Bowl, both of which were also perfect for summer!


10) Fork-In Aussie Pies (Santa Monica, CA)

This was my first time having a meat pie like this!  Everything was slow cooked and the pies all took three days to make, but the experience was very fast.  We got two pies Tiger Stack style, which meant we could pick a pie, any two sides and gravy.  Our creations pictured were the Steak & Shiraz pie with Minty Mushy Peas, Roasted Garlic Mash and Creamy Thyme Gravy; and Lamb & Rosemary with Sausage Croissant Stuffing, Sweet Potato Garnett Yams, and Mushroom Gravy.  Everything was so hearty and yummy!


11) Cauldron Ice Cream (Artesia, CA) - @tpham @eatersanonymous

We were so happy that Cauldron Ice Cream was opening a second location, and slightly closer to Los Angeles, too!  When we stopped by, they were handing out samples of the Bone Apple Tea, which was a caramel apple ice cream with salted caramel sauce.  We ordered the Strawberry Shortcake and The Cauldron.  I definitely would return back to this location because it was also located next to the new 7 Leaves Cafe location!


12) Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (Tustin, CA) -  @dailyfoodfeed @scottafters @andythenguyen 


We were invited to check out the new Donut Drops at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse!  The drops came with a choice of Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Shortbread Dipping sauces.  I loved the second sauce so much with the crispy Donut Drops!  This visit was also the first time I tried the cruffin!  It tasted just like the cream filled donuts, but instead of a donut, it was a croissant.  At least I could say I finally tried it!


13) Simply Home Cafe (Fountain Valley, CA) - @davidthefoodie @travelfoodstyle

David wanted to introduce us to this quaint cafe that served Chinese dishes, snacks, and specialty drinks!  The decor was so cute and the drinks were so refreshing!  Some dishes we got to enjoy were the Fried Tofu, Simply Home Chicken, Home Beef Noodle Soup, and French Style Beef.  The presentation for all of the dishes and drinks were great, and it was fun taking photos of everyone’s food.


14) Purgatory Pizza (Los Angeles, CA)

We were invited to stop by this New York style pizza restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles.  The pizzas were thin-crust and tasted amazing!  They also had a broad menu that included appetizers, salads, and calzones.  We got the Terrestrial Pizza, Grande Blizzard PIzza, Kale, Caesar! Salad, and the Buffalo Cauliflower.  It was a fun experience and I loved the wall art; it felt very urban but at the same time, had positive messages on them.     

Other events/collaborations:

Colby’s Cookies reached out to me to try their cookies and I picked them up from the Outdoor Grill.  They were baked fresh and huge, and were very fun to stack for my photos.  The flavors offered were so delicious and the textures were soft.  Our box included: Cinnamon Coffee Cake Crumble and the Chocolate Chip Walnut, Fudge Brownie Walnut, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Walnut.


Pacific Wine and Food Classic was held at the beautiful Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort.  The setting was gorgeous, with multiple vendors offering samples of food, wine and cocktails along the beach.  It was a fun experience checking out vendors such as Red O, Filomena’s Kitchen Market, Skyloft, Tru Grits, Mangiamo Gelato, Patron, Bacardi.   We also had fun dancing at the Celebrity Cruise Lines Silent Disco!


Paella Wine & Beer Festival - This festival was unique in that we got to try different kinds of paella.  There was also live music, cocktails, cultural art to see at the festival.  It was fun watching the different vendors make the huge portions of paella and watching all the ingredients come together.'s Style Guru Summit was held at the Edison Apartments' rooftop lounge, and we were invited as guests of @paulineenawin. was promoting their foodie sock pack; I loved seeing food and fashion come together.  We enjoyed tacos, ice cream, drinks, a photo booth and free swag (the food socks).  The socks were so cute and the views were amazing!


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