October 2018 Recap!

October went by so quickly! Although I did not attend that many media events, I had a few opportunities to create some home-styled shots!

1. Ike’s Love and Sandwiches (Burbank, CA)

Ike’s Love and Sandwiches wanted to share their sandwiches with me with a few vouchers! I went to Ike’s twice recently and got to try a few delicious sandwiches, including the Rawson Thurber, Jim Rome, and John Ritter. I loved the drink options they had as well!

2. The Naked Chik (Los Angeles, CA)

I love Hainanese chicken, so I was so excited when The Naked Chick wanted me to check out the chicken and to help promote their delivery services through Grubhub, Postmates, DoorDash and Uber Eats. The food was packaged very well and was very delicious, even after I brought it home. Pictured are the Hainan Chicken and Rice, Bawk Bok Choy and Tea Egg Came First. I don’t usually enjoy eating rice, but I pretty much ate everything pictured!

3. Midori Matcha (Pasadena, CA)

Midori Matcha opened their third location in Pasadena! I loved the convenience of this location since I enjoy coming to Old Town Pasadena. We tried the soft serve, drinks and a few pastries. This was the first time seeing that they had food items too, such as toast and sandwiches!

4. Cauldron Ice Cream (Temple City, CA and Chino Hills, CA)

Cauldron Ice Cream opened two locations simultaneously in the San Gabriel Valley as well as in the Inland Empire! I went to the Temple City one. It was such a cute space in a plaza that had a lot of good restaurants as well. I brought my own string lights to create the photo you see. Although the ice cream melted pretty quickly, it was fun!

Other October collaborations:

Godiva shared with me 10 boxes of chocolates and wanted me to showcase their newest products, G Cubes! There were 9 flavors total (last box was a dark chocolate assortment) and were cube shaped truffle chocolates with ganache inside!

Wilde Brande wanted to share with me a few flavors of their Chicken Chips! They were really unique and flavorful, and made from chicken and tapioca flour. They were so crunchy and reminded me of chicken skin!