November 2018 Recap!

November came and went so quickly. Even with the holidays, I got to check out a few spots that were featuring seasonal menus as well as participate in a few collaborations!

1. Bruxie (Chino Hills, CA) - @breadandbutterpr

Bruxie wanted to share their newest items on their menu for brunch, the Brunch Bomb and Red Eye Skillet! I loved the combination of chicken and gravy for brunch, and during my visit, I also got to the El Jefe and Strawberry Creme Brulee. The first three items were so savory and flavorful, and the dessert was one of my favorite dessert items from them!

2. Public School Restaurant + Bar (Los Angeles, CA) - @dogandaduck

Public School wanted us to come check out their roster for a few of their fall menu items for happy hour, called Recess! We got a variety of items during our visit and it was all delicious! For drinks we got the Crushed Velvet (BlackBerry puree) and Through the Grapevine. For food, we got the Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower, Beech Mushroom Flatbread, Popcorn Shrimp, Mini Wagyu Corndogs, Beef on a Stick, Stilton Fries, and finished our meal with a Nutella Cookie Sandwich!

3. Hot Gai Fried Chicken (Los Angeles, CA) - @friedchickensandwichstudios

This place was such an awesome concept! Southern Thai street-style fried chicken from a small takeout window in a hipster part of LA? Why not?! We got the Fried Chicken Wings, Papaya Salad, Phanaeng Curry Fries, 2 Piece Hot Gai Fried Chicken. I loved everything we tried here. Every bite was spicy and so yummy!

4. Gindaco (Gardena, CA) - @turningoffjapanese

I was so excited to try Gindaco, as it recently opened earlier this year and I had heard great things about their food. Also, I am a big fan of takoyaki! We got the Original Takoyaki and the Iced Matcha, Iced Hoji-Cha and Matcha Soft Serve. It was the perfect amount of food for two. The takoyaki was crispy outside and piping hot inside!

5. The Pie Hole (Pasadena, CA) - @dogandaduck

In November, The Pie Hole debuted their newest item: Pie Holes! Who knew those would exist?? They were small bites filled with pie filling, and came in Caramel Apple, Blueberry Crumble, Mexican Chocolate, and Nutella. It was such a cute concept and a great way for us to try a bit of each flavor. We also got the Salted Caramel Pecan Pie and the Matcha Lavender Latte.

Other November collaborations:

Lindt Chocolate wanted me to incorporate their LINDOR Truffles into a dessert that would be perfect for Thanksgiving, and I decided to make Lindt Canada’s Checkered LINDOR Tart here! It was very rich and delicious!

Love With Food wanted to share their snack box subscription services. As a person who loves snacks, I enjoyed the variety offered in my Deluxe Snack Box. I love that they also donate meals to families in need through their partnership with Feeding America.