July 2019 Recap!

July went by so quickly! It was awesome to be a part of promoting TWO Marugame Udon grand openings and to check out other fun stuff last month!

1. Marugame Udon (Los Angeles, CA)

I had the pleasure of visiting Marugame Udon on two occasions this month! It’s amazing that they opened both the DTLA and the Costa Mesa in such a short time! The DTLA one was at The Bloc, and as usual the udon and the tempura were delicious! Last year I tried the Tonkotsu Udon, but this time I tried a few of their other udon options, like the Mentai Kamatama Udon and the Nikutama Udon. We also got to take home some Pocky snacks and candies!

2. Menya Hanabi (Arcadia, CA) - @celinelinarte @kkarmalove

I was excited to check out Menya Hanabi because I had never had a saucy ramen before like that before! It is a dry ramen that is topped with spicy minced pork, green onions, chives, seaweed, garlic and fish powder. When it is mixed together with a raw egg yolk, it is a bowl full of savory goodness. We got the Curry Nagoya Mazesoba and of course, The Original Nagoya Mazesoba, along with takoyaki as an appetizer. Toward the end, they give you a bowl of rice to soak up the remaining sauce for a later meal!

3. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse (Pasadena, CA) - @social_native

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse wanted me to promote their Loaded Burgers, and to help promote their Wednesday specials. Pictured are the NEW Bistro Burger and Hickory Brisket and Bacon Burger. Both were so fully loaded and so juicy!

4. Sip Matcha (Rowland Heights, CA)

Sip Matcha wanted to promote their seasonal drink, Mango Matcha. Mango is one of my favorite fruits, so I was really looking forward to trying it out! I asked for the milk option to add to the awesome layered look. It was so refreshing, fruity and milky at the same time, and it had a light matcha flavor. I loved this combination!

4. Marugame Udon (Costa Mesa, CA)

I couldn’t believe Marugame Udon opened another location so quickly within one month of each other! This time the new location would be at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. I was able to support by visiting the Glendale Galleria location and even that location had a nonstop line out the door! We got the Nikutama Udon in a cold version this time, and got the Tonkotsu Udon, and a few tempura items. The service and experience was excellent as usual!