August 2019 Recap!

I loved the variety of events/tastings I got to be a part of in August! From drinks, to Filipino food, to burgers; it was such a fun month!

1. Sweet 7 (Arcadia, CA) - @eatslucywang

We were invited to check out Sweet 7, a drink shop that is well known in Asia, that opened their first location in the US at Westfield Santa Anita. What I loved about the menu was that most of it was fruity! I had to for sure get a few drinks that had mango and strawberry in it, so we got Mango & Coconut Juice with Sago & Pomelo and Strawberry Juice & Coconut Juice with Bubble. Everything was so good and photographed beautifully!

2. Drill’d x Loose Leaf Boba (Fountain Valley, CA) - @speaqsocial

I had heard about Loose Leaf Boba for a while and was excited to hear that they were collaborating with Drill’d Ice Cream, which I enjoyed when I tried it a year ago! The ice cream was great, as usual, and I got to try a few drinks from Loose Leaf Boba. We got the Strawberry Matcha Latte and the Pandan Pina Collision. Both were so refreshing and had such great flavors in each of them!

3. Spoon & Pork (Los Angeles, CA) - @friedchickensandwichstudios

We were invited to check out some amazing Filipino comfort food from Spoon & Pork in Los Angeles, CA. Every single dish they brought out was an amazing experience with all the flavors and textures in every bite! I truly enjoyed everything we had from the tasting menu. We got the Chori Burger, Adobo Belly Nigiri, Eggplant Ensalada, Shrooms Salpicao, Patita (followed by a shot of it cut up), Lechon Kawali, Fried Chicken Adobo, Caldaretas, and Coco Jack. We will definitely be back!

Other August collaborations/events:


Halo Top wanted me to create a fun image using a few of their ice cream flavors. I got compensated to try a few flavors but in the end I featured Cookies & Cream and Sea Salt Caramel.

I received a few straws and chopsticks from Cropmade, a company known for the Cropsticks, which is a sustainable chopstick made with bamboo, with a built-in chopstick rest, as seen on Shark Tank ABC. They also included a few biodegradable bamboo straws, in regular and boba size! I love how they’re changing the way people eat and drink, and encouraging people to be more conscientious, and I love the packaging for their products too!

We received VIP tickets through the Mower Agency to attend the 9th Annual Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival and we attended The Epic Burger Showdown, where at least 25 burgers were featured, along with cocktails and wines from multiple vendors, with a panel of celebrity judges to taste the burgers and pick which was their favorite. We got to try burgers from eight vendors, including Burger99, Cassell’s Hamburgers, Hawks Restaurant/Hawks Public House, Nixo At The Luxe City Center Hotel, Plan Check + Bar, The Usual, Goldburger, and Big Boi. Big Boi and B Sweet did a collaboration with Guinness, so it was pretty unique trying out their items infused with Guinness. We also had the experience of stepping into the House of Suntory for a tasting of a few amazing cocktail creations. The winner, and also my favorite burger of the evening, was Goldburger!